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Sam Fox is a writer, director, and producer specializing in genre cinema . She blends highly stylized imagery, music and psychedelia with dark comedy and horror via her production company Foxy Films. In 2021 Sam wrote and directed the branded fashion film “Bad Acid” alongside Animal Crackers Clothing, which won her Best Director at Nightmares Film Festival, Best Production Design at both FilmQuest and Be Afraid, and Best International Film at Phenomena Festival. In 2023 Sam teamed up with MovieMaker Magazine and New Orleans production company Cosmic Family Films to make the absurdist horror-comedy, “Fck'n Nuts”, which was selected to Fantastic Fest, New Orleans Film Festival, and is nominated for Best International Film at L’Etrange in Paris. Sam also produces with the Greatgrandma Film Collective, namely as executive producer along with Desiree Staples on Heidi Weitzer's female ensemble comedy feature “My Divorce Party” (ft. Rumer Willis), and as producer on Britt Lower's “Circus Person”, which screened at Tribeca Film Festival, won Best of Festival at Catalyst 2021, and the Audience Award at Nashville Film Festival. Sam is developing her mother's journey through addiction memoir “Blood is Thicker than Vodka” into a mini series about alcoholism and family dysfunction as well as the psychosexual art thriller “Babalon Ascending” and is slated to produce 3 independent features “1996” and “Infinitely Dense” in 2023 and “Camp Girl” in 2024.

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Dan Scream w_ Sandy
BAD ACID FUN - Caileigh Knapp, Bonavega, Kate Hollowell, Willie Larson
Sandy - Window
Dan - Scream
Sheila Mirror - Kate Hollowell
Sandy - Zolly
Daddy - Paper
JohnTV - Bonavega
Mommy - Knife
Sheila warp 2
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Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 10.49.18
Still 1.jpg.tif
Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 7.54.58 PM.png
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